Pioneer is warning of a firmware problem affecting its DVD recorder drives – marketed by Apple in some Macs as SuperDrive.

The problem relates to the use of a newly introduced specification for high-speed (4x DVD-R, 2x DVD-RW) discs for DVD recording.

Pioneer warns that many of its DVD recorder drives require a firmware update to prevent overheating when using these high-speed DVD-R discs. Overheating can damage the units and discs, the company says.

"The source of the problem is a firmware bug in certain Pioneer DVD-R/RW recorders and drives, and not with the high-speed media itself," the company warns.

Pioneer has begun releasing firmware updates that it hope will prevent the problem occurring. It's a preventative measure, as DVD-R/RW discs implementing the new standard haven't yet reached market in quantity.

The SuperDrive is an OEM version of the DVR-A03/103 or DVR-A04/104 DVR drives manufactured by Pioneer. These drives are potentially affected, says Pioneer.

Apple has an OEM relationship for the use of Pioneer's drives in Macs. As such, Mac users should wait for Apple to issue a firmware update for the problem, claims XLR8YourMac.

Pioneer warns DVD recorder users: "It’s extremely important for owners of these products to make sure that the firmware update process is completed prior to using any new high-speed discs for recording."