Vicomsoft has announced SurfDoubler and SurfDoubler Plus 6.1.1. This software lets home users connect several computers to the Internet over the same modem.

They work by connecting your computer network to the first machine, which, powered by the SurfDoubler software, acts as an Internet access point. This lets two computers from a network share the same connection, at the same time. For an additional fee, three users can be connected simultaneously.

Darko, the installation wizard that comes with the pack, simplifies set-up. This uses your existing dial-up settings, and asks a few easy questions to get you online in minutes. SurfDoubler includes a personal Firewall, which helps you keep uninvited online intruders out.

SurfDoubler allows connection via a modem, a cable-modem, ISDN or DSL. A trial download, and a table contrasting the features of the two versions are available from Vicomsofts’ Web site. Plans for the upgrades release are not available at this time - but you can download the demo.