Windows users face monumental problems with their systems on a regular basis, according to The Seattle Times.

This is driving perhaps as many as one million washed-out Windows users this year to switch to Mac, an analysts said last night.

A report on the Seattle Times shares a typical switcher's story by technology editor Paul Andrews. When he is asked to help Windows users with their problems, he agrees to, but on one condition: "Next time they buy a computer, they agree to consider a Mac."

Only contacts keep Windows

He switched one year ago, and writes: "For the first couple of months after the switch, while I transferred email and contacts to the Mac, I was firing up Windows almost daily. Gradually, though, I found fewer reasons to go back."

Andrews calls the process of transferring data to the Mac "a snap", with the exception of email and contacts.

"When I made the switch, I thought I was a relative rarity. After all, we're constantly reminded of the Windows desktop monopoly and how little market share Apple has," he writes.

Instead, he found many users have already switched, or plan to, with the exception of large departments that only supply Windows machines.

"I can't think of any time Apple stole share from Microsoft," he concludes.