Mac fans who are missing System 7 can reminisce at a Web site that offers a faithful simulation of Apple's classic Mac SE.

Web SE is rendered in Macromedia Flash and was created by two Germans. It allows anyone on any platform to experience running a facsimile of System 7.

Designer Oliver Soehike said: "It is a homage to show the beauty of the system and to make sure it is not forgotten. It's not 100 per cent. It's a little bit simpler, but mostly you can fool around and see what it was about, this little system."

According to Wired, Web SE "gives users a marvellously faithful experience of System 7". Everything is covered, from the system boot with the happy Mac icon to MacWrite and MacDraw applications. Icons can be double-clicked to open windows and these can be moved, closed or collapsed.

The simulation also features games – Tetris, Space Invaders, Pong, and Breakout.

The simulation is 1.4 MB – the same size as the original System 7.