The Mac-based supercomputer at Virginia Tech has crossed another milestone, hitting 12.25 teraflops.

The supercomputer, System X, uses 2.3GHz Xserves, which were made by Apple specifically for the university. The installation consists of 1,150 such machines.

In its original form, System X consisted of 1,100 Power Mac G5s, and was rated at number three in the Top500 supercomputer rankings when it launched last November.

Wired states that the new 12.25 teraflop speed will: "Put System X in fourth place in the world ratings, but it will probably be surpassed by new supercomputers from NASA, IBM and others."

The next Top500 supercomputer list will be released next month at the SuperComputing 2004 conference.

Project leader, Srinidhi Varadarajan, however, said the college, "expects to do well", in November's list.