Tag Learning has launched three products: JamCam 3.0, Jam-It! and JamStudio.

JamCam is a USB digital-camera aimed at all ages. It costs £89, and has a resolution of up to 640-x-480 pixels, and a 48-image capacity. It ships with both Mac and PC software drivers, and delivers images in BMP, GIF, JPEG and TIFF formats. The camera has an automatic strobe flash.

Jam-It! is a "budget-priced" sound-recording device. Sounds can be downloaded via USB to a Mac for processing. Jam-It! is lightweight and ships with sound-manipulation software. It costs £44.

Finally, JamStudio is Tag's USB graphics tablet. It's designed for the Web, and offers a 7-x-5-inch drawing area. It comes with a pressure-sensitive pen. JamStudio costs £64. All three products are available now.