The earthquake in Taiwan will adversely effect the shipment of iBooks, a top industry analyst claims.

Lou Mazzucchelli, PC analyst for Gerard Klauer Mattison & Co said: "There is likely to be some disruption."

Mazzucchelli says that, at worst, Apple will have to source another supplier, and that, at best, it will prove a minor disruption.

Apple employs several Taiwanese contractors to manufacture it's portables.

An Apple spokesman claims that "it's too early to say". He added that the company has seen "no immediate impact on product availability" and that preliminary reports from the scene suggest that damage to Apple's suppliers is "insignificant".

"We're still trying to figure out the nature of the damage to the facility in Taiwan," Apple said. "Apparently it's not damaged severely. It's running on backup power, as are most of the manufacturing plants there. The biggest problem may be getting employees back to work - they're off caring for their families and getting their homes back in order."

United States Mac dealers Ingram suggests that some delays in delivery might be occurring, and express concerns that road conditions and worker concerns might also have a knock on effect.