A new electronic Take Control book that helps Mac users install and run Windows is available now.

The 104-page Take Control of Running Windows on a Mac ebook was authored by Mac expert Joe Kissell.

The publication explores most available solutions Mac users can employ to run Windows on their machine, including Parallels Desktop, Q and Boot Camp. It offers step-by-step instructions for installing the software and for installing Windows, and also looks at making sure mice and keyboards work correctly, sharing files between Mac and Windows on one machine, and virus-avoidance.

The title also explains the many ways to acquire Windows, a topic made confusing by Microsoft's numerous licensing options and activation mechanism.

Take Control publisher Adam Engst noted, "This is the first of our ebooks to have benefited from over 100 comments from readers before publication. To give people the fastest possible access to Joe's research and advice, we made a nearly complete draft of the ebook available to those who pre-ordered."

The ebook costs $10, buyers also receive a coupon worth $10 off the price of Parallels Desktop.