Microsoft Mac Business Unit (MBU) team member David Weiss has published a unique virtual tour of the hundreds of Macs the team uses each day.

The images reveal that the MBU uses almost every configuration of Mac for testing Mac Office, and uses an Xserve and Xserve RAID as primary back-up systems.

It's a rare glimpse at the labs used to test the software, and includes images of 150 Mac minis, all stacked-up.

The collection reveals that the MBU employs Apple Remote Desktop to access all the many Macs - some going back to the days before the release of the iMac.

The report also reveals a glimpse at how the company typically tests new software builds, including testing the quality of the software's ability to drive different printers.

"Until a few months ago we had every significant hardware revision Apple has ever released since the dawn of time," Weiss reveals.

"We even had a section of the Lab we affectionately called the "Mac Nursery" where we kept all the older Macs going," he says, though many of the older machines have now been put into storage to save space.