Apple’s UK iTunes Music Store appears behind schedule this week, lending weight to further speculation that the company will reveal a real big deal tonight.

Since the store launched in the UK, the company has traditionally updated its UK digital store front on a Tuesday.

The company’s free-to-download ‘Single of the Week’ is traditionally updated that day. This hasn’t happened this week.

It’s easy to imagine that the Music Store hasn’t been updated pending tonight’s special Apple announcement, which begins at 6pm. With numerous rumours proposing new iPod models, perhaps Apple will update the store in order to support the new products, potentially adding a wide range of video downloads for the fabled iPod video.

Some UK music industry sources indicate Apple to have been reaching deals with some labels in order to distribute videos. This may have been hampered in Europe by the royalties copyright societies demand on such video downloads.
The latter point suggests prices could be set at upwards of £1.49 per video, though there is no conclusive proof of this.

The lack of an iTunes Music Store update this week may of course be completely unconnected to tonight’s news.

Meanwhile, if you have not yet downloaded this week’s free track, it’s available here.

The French R&B artist is called ‘Spleen’, and the track is called “Tell Me About U”.