In response to the terrible events of Tuesday, US software companies are announcing plans to donate sales proceeds to the Red Cross and other humanitarian groups.

Thursby Software is donating profits from its online store to the American Red Cross. Proceeds from all products sold through its online store will be donated to the organization. Such products include Dave, MacSOHO, MacNFS and TSStalk.

Thursby president William Thursby said: "I felt we had to do something to help. We normally expect to generate $100,000 a month from online sales, so it is my hope that we will be able to donate over $25,000 during this period."

Since the announcement, Aladdin Systems has said that it will donate $1 from each sale made from its Web site for the next 30 days. Proceeds will also be donated to the American Red Cross.

Looking to help Aladdin CEO Jonathan Kahn said the company and its employees wanted to show their support following the tragedy. He added: "We have donated blood to help the situation, and are saying prayers for those who've lost loved ones, but realize a monetary contribution is another good way to help." Company products include StuffIt, Spring Cleaning, ShrinkWrap and other utilities.

Amazon and Yahoo! are also accepting donations from their customers for the American Red Cross. Both companies have set up systems by which their customers can make such donations. A combined total of $2 million has been collected by the companies so far.

Other software providers have also come forward. They are donating part or all of their profits to aid groups, including the American Red Cross and the fund for relatives of emergency servicemen who lost their lives as a result of the attack. MacMinute reports that such companies so far include RadGad, PagePlanet Software and Koingo Software Canada.

Pulled game Reuters reports that game developer Electronic Arts has suspended play of its online game, Majestic. The company said that "some elements of the game may be objectionable to some people". One feature of the game lets it automatically telephone players, launching frantic messages pre-recorded by actors.

It's thought that other companies will be announcing plans to donate to various humanitarian groups in the wake of Tuesday's attacks. For Macworld UK's US readers, a valuable resource for information about how to help is at

Britons worried about friends and relatives in the US can call 020 7008 0000.