The Nasdaq fell to a six-year low yesterday. But despite this, US technology stocks still remain good potential investments, claims a Barron's article penned over the weekend.

The piece looks at how many US technology companies – including Apple and Sun – have seen their share prices pummelled to the point they are now trading at just above – or even below – the value of their cash reserves.

For the purposes of the piece, cash reserves are defined as a company's money-on-hand plus invested capital with the subtraction of outstanding debt. The article cites this as a common way for value investors to identify bargains, and identifies 29 companies as potential value investments.

Apple is currently sitting on cash to the value of 75 per cent of its current share price, while Sun's shares equal 49 per cent of that company's cash in hand, the piece claims. Commerce One is also a potential value investment – that company's cash reserves equal 274 per cent of its share price.

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Apple closed down 21 cents at $14.64 yesterday, holding that value on the extended trading market.

The company's fourth quarter ends toward the end of this month – the company traditionally reveals its fourth quarter and full-year results between October 12 - 17.