Apple is redesigning its Tech support pages, in a bid to develop online customer support with Kanisa, according to industry observers.

A note on the PowerBook discussion boards, posted last Thursday and titled "New discusssion board software transition begins", said: "We have begun the transition to our new discussion board software, and this board has now moved to our new Apple Discussions site." The note also offers a link to the new area. New posts are no longer being accepted on Apple’s original discussion site for PowerBooks. Other discussion boards are expected to migrate soon.

Kanisa describes itself as an "e-service portal". It specializes in managing Internet-based customer service. The company owns an application that provides customers differentiated self-service. Apple hopes that this means its customers will be able to make use of Kanisa’s solution to help them access exactly what information they need, when they need it. Apple’s choice of Kanisa for online customer support services was announced at Internet World, Los Angeles on April 5, 2000.

At that time, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs said: "We want to provide our customers with an online service and support experience that is personalized and interactive. We think Kanisa has the best e-Service technology to help us do this."