MicroMat has launched version 2.5.2 of TechTool Pro, the system utility.

TechTool Pro is an all-purpose utility, that lets Macintosh owners identify and repair problems across most of their systems.

The update adds new features, such as, the Rebuild Volume feature, that lets users manually rebuild the directory of their drives/volumes. This helps users detect, and correct, small problems in the drive directory - before they grow into major problems.

The "CheckDrive" feature lets you preview a volume rebuild, or drive repair, before committing those changes to disc. "Technical Comparison" is another option, that runs in tandem with "CheckDrive". It lets you compare technical information between the original drive, and the previewed repair, to make sure the repair won't fail.

Version 2.5.2 is OS 9 compatible, and works with G4's, iBooks and iMacs. The utility can repair more drive problems than before. Several bugs have been fixed, and various features have been optimized.

The update to version 2.5.2 is free for owners of TechTool Pro 2.5 or newer.