Leading UK knowledge source for IT and tech professionals, Techworld, has published a review of Apple's Xserve G5, calling the product "an attractive 64-bit server with a sensible price tag".

The positive write-up for Apple's leading edge enterprise product praises Xserve's "decent scalability", and calls Mac OS X 10.3 "an excellent operating system".

The review does point out one limitation that may annoy administrators caring for large implementations of Xserve: the lid. Apple has engineered the Xserve lid to require that it be slid back along the entire length of the server for its removal.

Competing products let users slide the lid back a couple of inches only. Even on this point the reviewer says: "To be fair, this would be less of an issue with the device mounted in a rack than it was with it on our lab bench."

The piece reveals all the specifications for the product, and praises Apple's server management applications Server Admin and Server Monitor: "Both Server Monitor and Server Admin can connect to other machines over the network, so you can look after a fleet of devices from a single unit."

The full report is available from the Techworld site (free registration required).