Telewest has waived the requirements that its Internet customers use its cable-telephone service for voice calls, halving the cost of its unlimited 24/7 Internet access service, SurfUnlimited.

SurfUnlimited still costs £10 per month, but the condition that a further £10 of voice calls be made has been removed. Time restrictions have also been removed for Telewest's 250,000 dial-up subscribers.

Chad Raude, Telewest's head of marketing, said: "Some people are wary of terms like unlimited, and the small print that accompanies many Internet services. This caution often stems from previous experiences, when they have discovered supposedly unlimited services are still restricted."

First timers He added: "By removing the voice calls requirement, we have created a service with absolutely no strings attached. We are confident the simplicity of the service will encourage even more homes to try out the internet for the first time."

Telewest's news comes as cable competitor NTL has announced the closure of its registration process for NTLworld, which has over 600,000 customers. NTLworld is the company's unmetered Internet-access package. It's available in Greater Manchester, most of London, and a large part of the south coast of England.

On its Web site, NTL states: "NTL is focused on delivering broadband services. Therefore we are only capable of offering dial-up Internet to a limited number of customers."