Telewest has launched a new SiteBuilder service for its broadband customers.

The service is designed to help users build their own Web site with no need for HTML. The company claims the service "takes surfers through the basics of setting up their own Web site in a matter of minutes".

SiteBuilder offers a site building wizard and a selection of templates customers can employ in their sites. Sites built can include images, calendars, blogs, news feeds, polls and other features.

Director of Internet at Telewest Chad Raube said: "We have always tried to help customers get more from their Internet connection and with the new blueyonder site builder, everybody can create their own home page.

"With no tricky HTML to get your head around, setting up your own site takes a matter of minutes. You can tailor the site to your needs, uploading photos, graphics or adding extra pages when you want."

The free service lets blueyonder customers use the 30MB of Web space hosting offered as part of the service package.