Telewest has announced a cut-price broadband access deal for new Blueyonder customers.

Launching today, the three-month broadband-taster campaign offers consumers the chance to sign-up for a three-month trial of the services for just £13.48 per month. Though curious customers will have to pay a £50 installation fee, that fee is refundable after three months should they not wish to continue with the service.

David Hobday, sales and marketing director at Telewest, explained: “We are removing all barriers to broadband because we are confident that, once consumers have experienced the thrill, they’ll never look back.

“BT has made a big fuss over its belated wholesale ADSL price-cuts recently, but we don’t think they would have the broadband-nerve to offer customers such good value with an optional installation-refund. It’s confidence in our service that enables us to launch such a ground-breaking offer,” he explained.

Telewest’s broadband Internet service is available across its franchise areas. The usual cost for the service is £29.99 per month, or £25 per month when taken with Telewest’s digital TV or telephone service.