Telewest has introduced a special deal for students.

Students studying in Telewest-served areas can access the deal, which offers a nine, rather than 12-month minimum contract period.

Student households can sign up for either Talk Evenings and Weekends, which offers unlimited UK local and national calls in the evenings and at weekends for £16.50 a month, or Talk Unlimited, which offers unlimited UK calls 24-hours a day for £25.50 a month. They can add their choice of blueyonder broadband internet service, starting from £25 a month.

Eric Tveter, president and chief operating office at Telewest Broadband, said: "Your university years are the best of your life and when you're trying to juggle the heavy workload on a skeletal budget, the last thing you want to worry about is a huge phone bill every month."

The new deal is only available to students in full-time education until October 30, 2004.