Telewest has launched its 2Mb blueyonder domestic broadband service.

The new service costs £50 per month. Telewest now offers customers a choice of broadband access packages - 512Kb, 1Mb or 2Mb.

The 2Mb service is four times more powerful than competing domestic services, the company says. It offers speeds up to 40 times faster than traditional dial-up connections, said the company.

Telewest Broadband director of Internet services Chad Raube said: "High-speed surfing is like all good things in life, once you've had a taste you want more. While BT and major ADSL providers offer a one size fits all service, we recognize people have different needs and provide a menu of services to suit."

The company's broadband services costs from £25 per month. The new service costs £50 per month with Telewest's phone service, or £54.99 per month on its own.