Good news for UK broadband users this morning from Telewest and UK Online.

Telewest Broadband this morning announced its schedule to roll-out upgraded, faster broadband at existing prices, with 40,000 Scottish surfers first to get 10Mb Internet access.

The cable company also announced the roll-out schedule for other areas of the UK, with a further 100,000 customers in London set to receive bandwidth boosts by the end of September. All customers in Scotland will be upgraded by the end of October.

Faster, better - and no BT!

Telewest's service upgrades follow: the previous 512Kbp/s (kilobits per second) service will be raised to 2Mbp/s (megabits per second), for just £17.99 per month; the standard 1Mb service will be raised to 4Mbp/s, at £25 per month; and the current 2Mb and 4Mb options have been replaced by a flagship service (broadband elite) offering speeds of up to 10Mbp/s, which will cost only £35 per month. There are no usage caps.

Faster, better - but with BT backbone

At the other end of the spectrum, UK Online has introduced its unlimited 1Mb broadband service, which costs from £9.99 a month. Unlimited 2Mb broadband now costs £14.99 a month.
The company's 8Mb service has had its upload speed doubling, to a whopping 768K. The company plans to launch a 24Mb service next month that will cost under £30.

UK Online's non-LLU services (those delivered over the BT network,) are also even better value, with unlimited 1Mb for £19.99, and unlimited 2Mb for £24.99.