Terran Interactive, a subsidiary of Media 100, has launched Media Cleaner Power Suite. This, claim Terran, is the fastest way to get high-quality digital video from the desktop to the Internet. With Power Suite, anyone wanting to produce streaming-media files, for Internet, intranet, or other networks, can get professional results fast.

Media Cleaner Power Suite includes accelerated versions of Media Cleaner Pro, Sorenson Video codec, Ultra BlueICE, and the professional level QDesign Music codec.

Media Cleaner Power Suite encodes Sorenson video 4 to 7 times faster, through its use of acceleration technology from Integrated Computing Engines (ICE). The compression software in this suite is based on the same tools that made the Phantom Menace QuickTime streaming movie trailer possible.

Jim Baker, CEO of the compression Factory, said: "We compress hundreds of minutes of video each week for Apple’s QuickTime TV Network. Ultra-fast turnaround is required for channel partners, such as Fox Sports – we completely rely on Terran’s Media Cleaner Power Suite to get our jobs done at the level of quality required."

The manufacturer claims: "The Media Cleaner Power Suite is unrivalled in its ability to prepare high quality streaming media fast – in some cases faster than real time.

The Power Suite is expected to be available for Macs from the end of November. The price of the Power Suite is £4,249. The software alone (for those who already have Ultra BlueICE cards is £1,599. It's also possible to buy a daughter card to upgrade a Basic BlueICE card to the Ultra BlueICE with software £2,999.

The package will be distributed by Computers Unlimited (0208 358 5857).