Apple has reached a unique deal with UK retail giant, Tesco, under which you may soon be able to buy Macs and iPods when you pick up your weekly shop.

Tesco is trialling a new concept at its store in Milton Keynes. The test sees Apple given a standalone area in the shop - the first time Tesco has made such an arrangement for a non-food brand. If the trial succeeds it will be introduced at Tesco Extra stores across the UK.

"The 120-square-feet area will not operate as a concession but will stock Apple computers and accessories, as well as smaller items such as iPods," Retail Week reports.

Apple already sells iPods through 150 Tesco stores so extending the relationship makes sense. An Apple spokesperson explained: "Milton Keynes store is the first to trial the combination of iPod and computer accessories in a dedicated space."

Point-of-sale and door-to-door advertising will publicise the new non-edible Apple areas.