Tesco has cleared its stock of iMacs, selling 2,000 units in just five weeks.

Tesco announced its decision to sell limited numbers of iMacs for £699 in some of its larger stores in March. Apple complained that these Macs had been purchased on the European grey market.

Russell Craig, a company spokesman, said: "Customers realise that you can get products, such as DVD players, at Tesco. People want to buy Macs and pay less for them. We're giving them that opportunity, and they have responded.

"We would like to sell Apple products if Apple wants to supply us. We'd like to hear what they've got to say."

David Millar, Apple UK's public relations manager, countered: "It might seem like a good deal for some customers, but it is not a good deal for all customers.

"What Tesco wanted was an arrangement to sell iMacs at a specific price. However, what we wanted in return were concrete benefits for Apple customers - such as iMac trained staff, which Tesco can't provide.

"We had concerns when we first heard about Tesco selling iMacs. Tesco changed plugs and modem cables to support UK standards. We can only be in control of the product if what we put in the box comes out the box."

Millar continued: "Our intention is to support customers. iMacs bought from Tesco are covered by us under EC law. However, Apple call centres may have difficulty assisting purchasers of Tesco's iMacs, as we do not have systems designed to handle these products."

Craig disagreed, saying: "This is a pure smoke screen. The specifications of our iMacs are UK, though they weren't sourced here. Apple don't want to supply us, but customers want us to sell iMacs. The only thing we have changed in the box is the kettle lead that powers the computer. We took out a French lead, and replaced it with a UK one."