Apple's former chief technology officer Avadis "Avie" Tevanian has joined the board of directors of Tellme Networks.

Tellme operates the world's largest internet application network for phones, handling applications for customers like Merrill Lynch, ETradeand American Airlines.

"Tellme is set to revolutionise how every consumer uses a telephone based on its internet-based open platform, which is accessible from any phone," said Tevanian.

"Avie's expertise in building products that consumers love is core to what we do. He is a fantastic addition to Tellme's Board and will help guide our technology team on both product and platform development. We are excited to have him at Tellme," said Mike McCue, Tellme CEO and co-founder.

Tevanian was one of the principal engineers for the Mach OS kernel, led efforts to create NeXT's NEXTSTEP OS and was subsequently involved in the development of Mac OS X.