One iPod thief has been caught red handed, and red faced, by staff at Apple retailer KRCS.

Adrian Smith, manager at the Nottingham-based Apple reseller, had his iPod stolen from his car last weekend.

Fortunately for Smith, the cable-less criminal walked into KRCS just days later, seeking cables for a "suspiciously familiar-looking iPod".

Smith told Macworld: "I immediately recognized it. I told the bloke I’d have to try different cables, and when I plugged the iPod into the Macintosh it came up as 'Adrian’s iPod' straight away."

A quick-thinking Smith told the 'customer' he’d have to check the iPod further, and while fellow staff-member Iain McKechnie kept the thief talking, Smith called the police, who recognized the description Adrian gave of the man and responded instantly.

An arrest was made on the spot, with Nottingham city police congratulating Adrian on his instant recognition of his own property and prompt reactions.