Apple has published a trio of new 'Get A Mac' ads.

The ads - which feature both original cast members - show the Mac and PC characters in three scenarios.

'Sales Pitch' sees the PC desperately trying to sell itself, though without applications such as iLife, the chracter is reduced to waving two red star emblems which read 'amazing' and 'totally cool'.

A second ad, 'Gift Exchange', sees the pair swap Christmas presents. For the PC, the Mac buys a printed photo album "of all the good times we've had together". The dorkily dressed PC reciprocates with a C++ programmer's guide.

The final flick features the two characters dressed for a meeting. "Why the big boy's clothes?" asks PC of the nattily dressed Mac. "I've been in a meeting," the Mac responds, "we do meetings too, I've been running Microsoft Office for years." PC doesn't take the news so well, and collapses to the floor, muttering, "I knew this day would come".

All three ads are available in QuickTime format here.