Macworld readers voting in this week's online poll will remember 2005 as the year when Apple launched Mac OS X Tiger and announced its move to Intel chips.

An almost equal number of people voted to say that the Intel announcement had had the biggest impact on them as voted to say that the launch of Tiger was the highlight of their year. Both options received 20 per cent of the vote in a poll that received 1,743 votes over all.

Another popular choice in the poll, which asked "What is your Apple highlight of 2005" was iPod nano/video (17 per cent). "The iPod nano was stunning and a surprise replacement of the well selling mini," noted one reader in the Macworld forum.

"I saw the iPod video in John Lewis, with all the competition lined up, and of the competition all I could think was 'mutton dressed as mangy lamb'," said another.

Death to Windows

The Mac mini, launched in January, received 13 per cent of the vote.

"My Apple highlight was my new Mac mini. This has introduced me to the world of Apple, Tiger, iPod and iTunes. This has meant that my Windows PC is now redundant, and now boots up with Linux (although I only use it to retrieve old documents from my Windows Partition). My Mac has changed my computing life. Good riddance Windows, viruses and the dreaded blue screen of death."

More recently announced, the iMac G5 with Front Row, received 10 per cent of the vote. The launch of the Quad-core G5 was what most excited 7 per cent, while 6 per cent were happiest to watch Apple's stock soar to unprecedented levels.

As one reader said: "If only I had invested back in '84 when I first sat in front of a Mac."

Slightly less popular choices were 2005 buzzword, Podcasting (4 per cent), iLife '05 (1 per cent), and the Mighty Mouse (1 per cent) – not so mighty after all?

Other highlights noted on the forum were the opening of the Bullring Apple Store in Birmingham – a big hit with Macworld's midlands based readers.