Mac OS X Tiger is a "must-have" for Apple users, and for Window's users: "It's a sort of shop-window of what Longhorn might be like in 18 months' time", states a UK newspaper.

The review of Mac OS X Tiger by The Independent's Charles Arthur - who's exclusive review of Tiger appeared on on Saturday - states that the release of Mac OS X Tiger was "Eagerly awaited because it's seen as what Microsoft would like to achieve with the next version of Windows, codenamed "Longhorn". Except that won't appear until the end of next year - and Tiger is here now."

Arthur flags up a number of features of Tiger, but his favourites appear to be Spotlight and Automator.

Regarding Spotlight he says: "It's marvellous: you can be completely disorganised about where you save files, because you can find them again in moments. Similar things are available for Windows, notably Google Toolbar and MSN Toolbar, but none is so deep or simple."

He says Automator "makes the automation of repetitive tasks as simple as building Lego", asking: "Now, isn't that what computers are meant to be about?"

After install Arthur noted one difference in particular: "Everything is faster. Programs open quicker, downloads are faster, graphics are smoother. Some developers have said that they're seeing 50 per cent faster processing, and 25 per cent quicker graphics work."

He concludes: "There are dozens of other changes in Tiger that will either enthral or bore you," but suggests that someone somewhere will need that feature.