A small number of annoying flaws are assailing creative workers migrating to Mac OS X 10.4 'Tiger'.

Adobe's new Creative Suite 2 applications seem to suffer problems, especially Illustrator CS 2.

A Macworld reader wrote: "The text within an Illustrator file 'flips' between its default font and the font it should be. To correct it, Illustrators' preference file needs to be binned then reopened. The solution was found on the Adobe site."

It also appears that a problem exists in copying between CS applications when running Tiger. People trying to use the clipboard to copy between Photoshop and Illustrator receive a format error message. Once again, Adobe's recommends that users: "Check your preferences in Illustrator and make sure the clipboard is set to AICB."

Another flaw (in Mac OS 10.3.9 systems) could lead to Illustrator quitting on start-up, the fix once again appears to be the removal of Illustrator's existing preferences files.

Et tu, Macromedia?

It's not just Adobe, users of Macromedia products upgrading to Tiger using the "Archive and Install" or "Erase and Install" options have to reactivate their software, though Macromedia and Apple are working to resolve this.

Problems have also been experienced in some Creo, Extensis and Autodesk products, according to Publish.

Stuffed without Stuffit?

Apple's decision to dump Allume Software's StuffIt Expander from its selection of pre-installed software on new Macs may be a parlous move.

While Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger lets users compress and decompress archive (.zip) files that work with both Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows, without Allume's software it's a challenge to open MacBinary, BinHex, StuffIt, StuffIt X, and other formats.

StuffIt Expander for Mac is available for download from Allume, promoted by the expression, "feed your Tiger with this download".

Apple is reportedly working on a software update to bring Tiger to version 10.4.1.