Apple has announced the winners of its Apple Dashboard Widget Contest.

These include software developer Alco Blom's Tiger Widget version of his SMS Mac software and Michael Robinette's WikityWidget - a personal notepad with automatic linking.

The SMS Mac widget allows users of Apple's next OS to send an SMS to any mobile phone in the world "with a touch of button", but it won't ship until Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" springs from cover.

Meanwhile, Blom has made a public beta of his Address Book plug-in version of the application. SMS Mac 0.9.5 adds support for caller ID to each SMS sent (except for destinations in the USA).

SMS Mac costs 10 Euro per year and each SMS costs 0.15 Euro. English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Norwegian versions of the application are in development.

Wikity Widget is a personal notepad with automatic linking. It uses a notebook-style interface.

Apple describes the utility as: "Demonstrating the powerful potential of Widgets to leverage technologies in Tiger.

"WikityWidget uses a native code plug-in to create a Javascript bridge to SQLite in Mac OS X Tiger, which ensures reliability, high performance, large capacity, and adds functionality such as "Search As You Type". The user interface is rendered using the advanced CSS features of WebKit, and takes advantage of the built-in, high quality, anti-aliased fonts in Tiger."