Time Capsule owners can wrest 50 per cent better wireless range from their device, thanks to a new antenna upgrade from QuickerTek.

The QuickerTek Time Capsule Antenna Array repositions three much stronger 3dBi antennas outside the Time Capsule case, improving signal range and speed.

The increased RF power allows back-ups from more distant computers and though more walls and floors. The product ships with a 2.4-foot coaxial cable which means users can place the antenna in the best position for optimal performance.

The company notes that a wall can reduce wireless signal by 25 per cent. The Time Capsule Antenna Upgrade also works with all IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n devices, performing at it's full speed (near 300 mbps) potential with 802.11n rated hardware.

The upgrade should not be attempted by someone without any prior upgrade experience. To ease that, the company also offers Time Capsule units that have already been upgraded. QuickerTek is based in the US, so tax and shipping charged must be added to the figures quoted here.

500GB Time Capsule
Installation Kit: $129.95;
QuickerTek Installation:  $200;
Time Capsule already upgraded:  $500.

1TB Time Capsule
Installation Kit:  $129.95;
QuickerTek Installation:  $200;
TC already upgraded:  $700.