Time magazine has published a special feature entitled 'the shape of things to come', featuring a short profile of Apple's Jonathan Ive.

The feature looks at the impact of design and the inspiration it takes from technological and political changes. The piece consists of a sequence of profiles of the "people, products and practices that will change the shape of the near future".

Looking at Ive's work, the feature states: "Ive began using materials, shapes and colours that had never been seen in the industry before."

The piece also discusses the impact on the designer of using the products he helps create. "Doing so gives him ideas for updates to later models," the article explains, citing an improvement made to the original iPod to make its scroll wheel touch sensitive rather than movable as an example.

Other featured designers include: French furniture manufacturer Domeau and Peres; clothes designer Miguel Adrover; and fashion designer Pat McGrath.