GarageBand, Apple's newest iLife app, has won over Time Magazine. According to reporter Chris Taylor: "You don't need to read the manual to put together a pretty professional-sounding tune. You don't even need much talent."

Taylor picks out three aspects of the application that he feels are the most impressive. First, the fact that loops are arranged "not just by instrument but also under mood-based headings like Relaxed, Intense, Cheerful."

The second bonus is that once loops are dragged on to the score they become interactive: "You can stretch and splice them like lumps of Play-Doh. In just ten minutes I found I could intuitively assemble a thumping dance ditty that would not disgrace most DJs' decks."

His third compliment is that a bad GarageBand recording can be transformed: "Hit the Fix Timing button and your so-so keyboard solo will sound a little more like Ben Folds. Just don't let your piano teacher catch you doing it."

Taylor's only criticism is that "GarageBand hogs a lot of computer memory".