Apple CEO Steve Jobs has got the go ahead to tear down his historic house in Woodside, California, but he has to wait until next June, just in case someone, somewhere is willing to move the house away.

Jobs has been battling with local government and conservationists for some time over his desire to destroy the $3.5 million 1920s Mission Revival style house.

Jobs wants to pull down the house and build a smaller house for him and his family. Jobs said: "I bought the house because I loved the land and the trees. My intention was always to tear it down, it was pretty much a dump when I moved in."

He described the house as "poorly built" and said that although he had studied architecture, he had never heard of architect George Washington Smith.

"I think I could build something far, far nicer and far more historically interesting down the road," he said.

In July, town planners decided to make Jobs wait 12 months for a demolition permit, on condition that he pay for a marketing campaign to find someone willing to take the house away.

If Jobs is unable to find a serious taker for his house by June 2005 he will be aloud to knock it down, thanks to the latest ruling.