The Times editor responsible for the 'Pcprimer' partwork series, recently featured in the contentious Times advertisement has rushed to distance himself from the contents of the TV advertisement.

Alan Copps, editor of Interface - the department responsible for producing the series - said: "As an editorial department we are not, of course, responsible for the content of the TV ad."

The ad featured a young boy guiding his father through the complexities of buying a personal computer, he said: "I know I want a PC, not a Mac."

This clear bias angered many Macintosh users, who were concerned that an anti-Mac slant may appear in the editorial coverage carried by the Times.

Magazine explains differences Dismissing this, Copps said: "If you look on pages 16-17 of Pcprimer you will find a very fair and knowledgeable explanation of the PC versus Mac debate by Ben Hammersley, one of our staff writers."

Copps said that Pcprimer was developed to: "Give advice primarily to those buying a computer for the first time.

He told Macworld "It quite deliberately did not recommend specific makes".

Macworld's calls to the marketing department of the Times, who would be responsible for ads placement have so far drawn a convincing blank.

Meanwhile Apple sources report that the company is unlikely to take Times publisher, News International to task over the TV ad. In context, the comments made by the boy will most likely be judged as statements of "opinion", rather than "fact" by the courts and the Independent Television Commission. This would make any such action unlikely to succeed.