The Times Educational Supplement (TES) is giving away 101 iBooks in a competition that requires readers to collect four tokens.

Each week from this Friday, a token will be published with each copy of the TES. Once readers have collected four tokens, they are eligible to enter the competition. Each entrant will receive a free TES book called 101 computer tips for teachers. Winners will be announced on August 10.

When asked why the iBook was selected as the competition prize, Sandie Owens, group marketing manager at Times Supplements Limited, said: "We reviewed it in the TES, and our reviewer though that it was something teachers would like."

The entry-level 500MHz iBook costs £1,099 (inc. VAT), has a 12.1-inch TFT XGA display and an array of other features. The TES costs £1.20 and is issued every Friday.