The Apple world that long saw its company deliver innovative products like the iPhone and iPad has shown some uneasiness in recent months.

The next big thing to come from the company isn't clear. But it is clear that the answers will begin arriving around 1 p.m. ET today during Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynotes by top executives, including CEO Tim Cook.

In recent weeks, Apple executives have been more open than usual about future plans -- nothing specific of course, but that there are new categories of products in development. Clearly, they are responding to the user unease.

Computerworld offers a Tip of the Hat to Business Insider reporter Jay Yarow for a concise look at Apple's challenges and how it has responded so far and what can be expected to come at WWDC this week.

The story, Apple's Enormous Year Finally Starts Today, lists the products that Apple is expected to unveil this week, and some that could come later. Yarow is confident that Apple and its executives are on the right track, though time will tell.

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