Apple and Tivo are working together to furnish complete integration between Macs and Tivo devices.

As reported on TiVo's Web site, TiVo is also developing iTunes and iPhoto integration software for its Home Media solutions.

A note on the company's Web site (reported by MacNN) says: "We are currently working with Apple to provide complete integration with future versions of iTunes and iPhoto. Mac users running OS 10.2 will be able to use their familiar iApps and easily add their TiVo Series2 to their Mac network."

The company has already announced plans to integrate Rendezvous, Apple's zero configuration IP networking solution, to its products.

TiVo's $99 Home Media solution will be available in April 2003, though it's unclear if it will be cross platform on initial release.

Once the computer and TiVo are networked and the Home Media software is installed, a new item appears on the TiVo called Music and Photos.

The TiVo can then access music and photos stored on the computer, streaming them over the network without using any space on the DVR. Users can navigate their way through music and image collections with the TiVo's remote control.

The TiVo supports both wired and wireless connections.

TiVo promises further convergence-orientated improvements to come: "This will lead to exciting new services in the future as TiVo and Apple continue to work together."