Roxio has added iTunes and Diskburner compatibility to Toast 5.0.

The 5.0.1 update - promised
last month - also fixes some minor compatibility issues with the Apple SuperDrive, and allows the use of the built-in CD-RW drive as the source and destination in Toast's Copy format. This update is available for free from Roxio.

Toast extensions Toast 5.0.1 supports both Disc Burner and iTunes when used with Toast's own system extensions - this was not the case until now, as having different CD-authoring applications installed caused extension conflicts.

The update will not make Toast work in Mac OS X. This is because the I/O kit - used by products such as Toast and Dantz Retrospect to access devices including tape drives and CD recorders - has not yet been distributed by Apple.

Roxio will release a fully Mac OS X-compatible version of Toast when the I/O kit is shipped by Apple. This will also be a free update for Toast 5.0 Titanium owners.