Roxio is shipping Toast with Jam in the US, and has announced international versions will follow.

This suite combines three applications into one software suite: Jam 5, Toast 5 Titanium, and Bias' Peak LE VST (virtual studio technology).

Toast with Jam is a CD- and DVD-recording collection built for Mac OS 9.x and OS X.

Jam 5 allows users to build 100 per cent Red Book-compliant (a professional CD authoring capability) audio CDs. It also creates dynamic cross-fades between tracks, will edit PQ (Party Quebecois) subcodes, and can set the gain for each channel of each track. Users can also edit, arrange, and burn a gold master CD of their recorded music.

Toast burns Toast with Jam also features Toast 5 Titanium. This lets users burn photos, videos, music and data to CD and DVD.

Peak LE VST is sound-editing software from Bias. It includes multiple VST plug-ins to let users customize audio arrangements with special effects.

Roxio expects Toast with Jam to retail for £124.99 (including VAT). Pricing for an upgrade version of the software has yet to be announced.