NewTech Infosystems introduced DragonBurn CD and DVD mastering software at Germany's giant CeBIT exhibition last night.

The software, which is available for Mac OS 9 and X, produces audio, data and mixed CDs and DVDs. It also offers a multi-burning engine that can write multiple CDs or DVDs at the same time. The software supports Apple's SuperDrives (including recent 4x systems), as well as external DVD drives and CD writer/re-writers (including 52x CD-R and 24x CD-RWs).

The software supports BurnProof and other buffer-under run protection technologies, and offers support for USB 2.0 and FireWire CD and DVD burners.

Company president and CEO Bill Yao explained: "In developing DragonBurn, our engineers focused on incorporating an exciting set of features and capabilities that take maximum advantage of both OS 9 and X.

"The feature set is complemented by a user interface that allows you to simply load the software and go to work without having to study any of the tutorials or refer to the user's guide. Everything is carried out in a few guided steps so you'll produce a high-quality CD or DVD the first time, every time."

Additional features include DragonBurn, which can convert WAV to/from AIFF files, and is capable of burning CDDA, MP3, AIFF and WAV files to create custom audio CDs. It also supports CD-Text in Audio CD copy and mastering. The software integrates an Automatic Smart Decision capability, which the company claims "automatically selects the best writing method for specific layout, interface, drive and media".

DragonBurn is available from the company's Web site. It costs $49.95. The company is arranging OEM licenses with third parties to include the software with their products. Retail releases are also planned.