Apple will not webcast Steve Jobs' Macworld Expo Tokyo keynote speech tonight - 1am UK time - but a video-on-demand version will be available "a few hours later'.

The keynote begins at 1am Thursday (GMT). Jobs is expected to use the speech to launch new products, with many expecting a new range of iMacs, equipped with CD-RW drives.

Apple has posted a page where the video-on-demand footage will be available.

Satellite feeds of the presentation will also be available. European readers will need the following information:

Turnaround from T5/13 at PAS Atlanta for Europe:
PAS 3/Transponder 9K, slot "F" (Ku-band)
Orbital Slot: 43 degrees west
Converted to SCPC Digital PAL, SA Powervu format
Bandwidth: 9MHz
Downlink Frequency: 12553.5 MHz
Polarity: Vertical down
Symbol rate: 6.62
FEC: 2/3
Virtual Channel 3
Standard: PAL format.

The keynote speech will also be available in the US and Canada. North American readers will need the following details:

Analog Ku-band NTSC Space
Telstar 5/Transponder 13 (Ku-band)
Orbital slot: 97 degrees west
Downlink Frequency: 11958 MHz
Polarity: Vertical down
Audio subcarriers: 6.2 and 6.8

Analog C-band NTSC Space
Galaxy 4R/Transponder 22 C (C-band)
Orbital slot: 99 degrees west
Downlink Frequency: 4140 MHz
Polarity: Vertical down
Audio subcarriers: 6.2 and 6.8

Macworld Conference and Expo runs from February 22-24.