Satellite navigation gadget TomTom is set to be a big seller this Christmas, but Mac users may have to get lost. TomTom has threatened equinux - a company that makes TomTom software for the Mac - with a lawsuit.

The TamTam software made it possible for Mac users to load maps, voices, firmware updates and perform backups for their TomTom GO.

Equinux's Till Schadde said: "TomTom is a typical hardware manufacturer that first ignores the Mac market, leaving others to pave the way and make their devices Mac compatible. Once the market has matured, they then take over via arbitrary threats against those who provided the initial Mac-based solutions. There are a wide variety of attractive all-in-one navigation solutions available out there. We understand the Mac market and know that the Mac users will decide what solution is good for them."

TomTom has requested that equinux ceases to use the "TamTam" name. The company must also commit to no longer using the program icon of TamTam as TomTom feels that there is a danger of mistaking Tam Tam’s feet logo with TomTom's hand logo, explains equinox.

Effective immediately, equinux is halting the sale of TamTam.