Toon Boom Technologies has released Toon Boom Studio 2.0, the revised version of its Apple Design Award-winning 2D-animation solution.

This version offers a number of improvements on the original build of the application. Notable among these is the introduction of an enhanced camera tool, which is used extensively throughout the application to create animations. This version offers a more cinematic approach to the animating process – the creation is viewed constantly through the application’s virtual lens.

Cel mates Other tools include an exposure sheet, a timeline, a rotating light table, a peg (used to align cels in traditional animation), and drawing and painting tools. This version is also compatible with Macromedia Flash MX, and exports into iMovie. Animations are built using a selection of design, paint, synchronization, layout, and output tools.

“Toon Boom Studio is a great complement to Flash MX, due to the seamless integration between both products,” said Eric Wittman, Macromedia’s director of product management. “Toon Boom Studio is a natural drawing and painting extension to the powerful features in Flash MX.”

Toon Boom Studio 2.0 also lets users lip-synch and loop animations in an instinctive way, the company claims. The feature has been extended in this version. “By establishing what mouth-shapes apply to specific sounds, the software can place them automatically in the right frames, with no other software,” the company says.

Pricing and release-date information aren’t yet available.