InfoWorld magazine has named Apple as the winner in its 2002 Technology of the Year Awards.

The magazine is aimed at chief technology officers and senior buyers in the enterprise and professional computing segments. Looking at Apple's achievements, InfoWorld editors said: "Last year, Apple could have made an easy case for aborting its play for the business and Unix markets, retreating back to its cozy creative professional niche."

It added: "Instead of doing this, Apple rolled up its sleeves, and tried to balance seemingly conflicting goals: support as rich and accessible as Windows, while still being regarded as the best Unix client platform on the market.

"The Mac platform is taking shape as the one that users and developers outside Apple's established niche markets can embrace.

The report focuses on the Unix core of Mac OS X. "OS X is now a supported build target for the most visible open-source projects, meaning the latest cut of Apache or Mozilla is likely to hit the Mac at the same time it hits Linux, BSD and Solaris."

The report concludes with a glance at Apple's most significant cross-platform announcement in recent months, the release of X11 for Mac OS X, which was downloaded 25,000 times within days of its appearance.

"Apple finally addressed what was a showstopper for some Unix developers. On January 7, it released its beta of the first hardware-accelerated X Window server for OS X. It seems like a small thing, but hundreds of open and commercial Unix graphical applications would not run, or would run with unacceptably poor performance, under OS X. There is more work to do, but the Apple platform is here to stay," the report concludes.