Pocket devices, such as iPods and smartphones are the gift of choice this season - and consumers know what they want.

An AvantGo survey casts light on the top 12 features consumers are looking for in their devices as the Thanksgiving/Christmas quarter focuses on gadgets and gizmos? AvantGo surveyed 3,260 users to find out.

The survey found that over three quarters (77 per cent) of respondents bought their own current handheld device, while 13 per cent received it as a gift

Consumers want, "a surprising combination of "bells and whistles" and standard options". They want normal PDA features like calendars and contact lists, and also want a device with an iPod-size memory to play and store music and other content; email; GPS; phone, compact size and a larger screen.

Feature by feature, MP3 players (77 per cent) ranked slightly higher than phones (76 per cent) and GPS locators (65 per cent), while more hard drive memory (64 per cent) edged out cameras (63 per cent) in popularity.

In order of preference, the top twelve 'must-have' features of an all-in-one device where:

1. Calendar/contact list
2. Easily syncs with computer
3. Great battery life
4. email/messaging
5. Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
6. Compact size
7. MP3 player
8. Phone
9. Large screen
10. GPS locator
11. 20+ gigabyte memory
12. Camera