Totally Hip - maker of the LiveStage Pro QuickTime-authoring environment – is setting its sights on Europe, it revealed today.

"We are trying to figure why European developers are adopting QuickTime as a Web delivery-solution faster than in North America," said Randy McCallum, Totally Hip’s interim CEO and president.

According to McCallum, 55 per cent of Totally Hip sales are made in Europe. This fact was reinfored at the recent QuickTime Live! Conference in Los Angeles, where many delegates were European.

Totally Hip also revealed it will issue two LiveStage Pro updates. The first will be launched at Macworld Expo in San Francisco in January 2000

The second update will follow the release of QuickTime 4.1, and will utilize QuickTime’s new technologies and capabilities. Among its features will be e-commerce- and advert-insertion authoring; movie-within-a-movie authoring; further Flash track-scripting capabilities; and support for synchronized multimedia integrated language (SMIL) – the emerging industry standard for interactive media creation.

At Macworld Expo in New York in July, Totally Hip will introduce a new companion Web-vector product based on Macromedia’s open-source industry standard Flash .swf file format.