Trams is bundling Apple's 533MHz Power Mac G4, a 17-inch Studio Display, Final Cut Pro 2 and Matrox's RTMac graphics card together in a video-editing solution costing £4,649.

The package also includes Sony's DCR TRV-30 Video Camera FireWire, MacAlly's Final Cut Pro Keyboard and Contour's ShuttlePro Multimedia Controller.

Optimized for G4s, Final Cut Pro 2 is a digital-video editing solution, offering real-time editing architecture.

Apple's Power Mac G4, 17-inch studio display and Final Cut Pro 2 are normally priced £1,199, £699 and £680 respectively.

Matrox's RTMac graphics card, released six months ago, beefs up Final Cut Pro's capabilities. When running on a G4, it allows three layers of video and graphics to be edited in real time. The graphics card would normally retail for £699, and includes an input to connect a second monitor.