London-based Apple reseller Trams PLC has new owners following a management buy out that was completed Monday this week.

Former owners Wendy Howland Jackson and Hugo Kirby have now left the company in an amicable deal.

Warren Peel and Alex Page have taken over the company as co-directors, with support from a major commercial bank. They now own 100 per cent of the company. The buy out began in April 2003.

Peel told Macworld today: "We believe that we have a positive year's trading ahead. We have a lot of corporate customers and can see more coming through."

The new management took pains to assure Trams customers that there would be no change in the way the company conducts its business. All existing staff have been retained and the company will be recruiting more in future, Peel said.

"The takeover is a message of growth, really," he told Macworld.